Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mr. Ivory Snow - "Funny How Love Dies II" (Prod. DJ Harrison)

I know about Mr. Ivory Snow. Seen him perform a few times. I dig the guy's character, work ethic, and style of music. I've been trying to keep an eye out and ear open for his music whenever he drops something over the internet. For the most part, I've been able to hear some good music from him, especially of lately. This new joint is no different. Here at TMB, we do this out of love so if we don't like it, we don't like it. And we may not necessarily like everything from the same artist, so in turn, we won't post everything from the same artist. But we'll post what we do like.

This joint here, I like. Not a big fan of the chorus and would've rather heard someone different singing it but I'm not completely against it. But according to him, he says the album version will have someone singing that hook and that he wanted to release it that way for now. I can understand being anxious to let the world here your music. No doubt. The actual track is a dope one. I like the wittiness in his lyricism and the production is smooth as hell. Songs like this one makes it easier for me to continue checking for Mr. Ivory Snow. He's a talented individual that sounds like he's getting better and better. Take a listen.

"Why won't you let me rock for Pete sake. / reminiscing over you and all the mistakes. / Ass is kicked out. You feeling like Eastbay. / I told her pack her shit like she from Green Bay."

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