Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Interview: Miss Special x SigNif

A great interview with two of my favorite ladies. Miss Special aka Miss Interview (Ha!) chops it up with TMB favorite SigNif. Pay attention to these ladies on the rise, for real. The two talk about Sig's new project (which was presented by TMB, KevinNottingham and HipHopisCoolAgain), among other things. They also give me and O the super dope shoutout. We appreciate that. Great interview. Enjoy. Chea!
A few weeks ago, SigNif called in to Special Sundays Radio Show to talk about her newest release "Embracing Rejection". We spoke about the idea behind the title, the vision of the entire project, producers she worked with, the features and the reason behind the snippets. We also spoke about why she chose to have certain blogs present this project, the different ideas behind the subject matter and what's next for her, including Significant Wizdom Part 2.
(via @MiSS1SPECiAL)
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