Monday, December 12, 2011

Chase Supreme - "Apocalypse Now "

With the title of this track and the tribal influenced production, you immediately get the sense that Chase Supreme (no relation to me, haha) is trying to give the listeners a message much heavier than your normal Hip-Hop track. He separates himself from those rappers that are doing it solely for the glam and the glitz and wants to be taken much more serious than that. It's not a bad track overall and I think the lyrics outshine the production on "Apocalypse Now" but this is one man's opinion. Check it out for yourself.

Chase Supreme has been teasing fans over the past couple of months with a few of his older tracks and an Instrumental EP. Now, the Newark, Delaware-based rapper/producer gives fans his first single, "Apocalypse Now", off of his upcoming mixtape, "Blue Lotus".

Chase Supreme - Apocalypse Now by Chase Supreme

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