Friday, December 16, 2011

Signif x Cac-TV's Spittin' in Da Wip

Signif shows off that personality in Cac-TV's Spittin' in Da Wip, and it's exactly why TMB thinks she's so dope. Enjoy.

“I been wanting to get Milwaukee MC Signif on Spittin In Da Wip for a while, I didn’t realize she was living in NYC for the last 7 years lol! Well I finally got her in Da Wip on this episode spittin off the top of the dome. Make sure you fill out the ratings form above to rate Signif’s performance, all she needs is 10 different people to rate her performance to be eligible to appear on the Spittin In Da Wip Top 50 Chart.” ~ Al Cayne

Rate Signif's performance here

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