Monday, December 12, 2011

What I'm Watching: The Doppelgangaz - "At Night"

The LGhastly Duo are roaming the streets and if you don't have your cloaks on, you might become victim to the night. This joint is chill as hell. Damn. These cats keep it simple in the video and that works perfectly for them because their music is the talk and action. I remember when I got this album in the mail, put it in the ride and just coasted the hell out. It's amazing how many cats at this level are better than some folks' favorite majors. Check out the video and follow the link to cop the album.

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The seventh release off Lone Sharks available now. Matter ov Fact & EP down that 91% and hand out Halloween treats with a surprise in every bite.

Directed by Nicolas Heller of @RickyShabazz
Cinematography by Seth Applebaum
Edited by Nicolas Heller and Seth Applebaum
Additional Cinematography by Gordon Hendrick
VFX by Brian Dohn
Special Thanks to Gregory Matesich
2011 Groggy Pack Entertainment, LLC.

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