Monday, December 12, 2011

Chuuwee - "Keep It Real (On The Real)" feat. Mean Doe Green (Prod. by ENG)

Chuuwee and Mean Doe Green. Damn, son. Damn. I'm not gonna act like I know every track dude ripped but what I do know of Chuuwee is enough to recommend his music to folks. Same goes for the other blog usual, Mean Doe Green. I can't imagine these two ill emcees doing a full length album. Damn, son. Damn. This track is giving me a throwback feel, sort of like an older Heltah Skeltah or something like that. This shit is dope. Love what you heard....that's after you hit play, of course.

Keep It Real(On The Real)[Prod. by ENG] Feat. Mean Doe Green by ChuuweeofTUS

"Crown Me King" dropping December 16th on iTunes.

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