Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clear Soul Forces - Detroit Revolution​(​s)

Discovered by Royce Da 5'9', this Detroit, Michigan group made up of J-Roc, E-Fav, Wimpy, and Ilajide release their third project titled "Detroit Revolution(s). According to them, they came up with the album name after seeing a painting with the same words and hit the studio to create this project in about a month. From what I hear, that must have been one productive and successful month because this album is pretty good overall. I didn't realize I was 9 tracks in before I even decided to start on this post. This album has a good mix of lyrics, production, meaning, and fun and for a "Name Your Price" tag, you can't really argue with that. Check it out and see what you think.


1. Detroit Revolution(s) - produced by Illajide 00:54

2. Welcome to the Show – produced by Illajide 02:47

3. Half as Long // Twice as Bright – produced by Illajide 03:34

4. Keep it Movin – produced by Illajide 03:54

5. 15 Minutes – produced by Illajide 04:24

6. Get No Better – produced by KanKick 04:46

7. Stick Em – produced by Illajide 03:41

8. Stack Yo Paypuh – produced by KanKick 04:42

9. The World Is Yours – produced by Illajide 05:13

10. Ass to the Flo – produced by Illajide & King Midas 04:02

11. Fan-Ta-Sa-Ro – produced by Illajide 02:41

12. Rap Attack // Jammin’ – produced by Illajide 03:54

13. Catch Me If You Can – produced by Kankick 04:47

14. Still Driving Down The Freeway – produced by Illajide 04:34

15. Runnin’ – produced by Illajide 03:45

Also, check out their video for "Get No Better".

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Twitter: @ClearSoulForces
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