Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Download: Mick Boogie & Slum Village - "The Dirty Slums"

What's better than a free album from one of the best DJs that give out some of the best mixtapes and this time teaming up with the great Slum Village?! Not much, that's what. Add the talented features on here and you have a recipe for some dopeness on high. Download, turn the volume up, and enjoy the hell out of this!


1. Mick Boogie & nVMe Intro
2. Slum Village: God Sent (feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Vice)
3. Slum Village: Just The Past (feat. Big Sean & Black Milk)
4. Slum Village: Music (feat. Focus…)
5. Slum Talks About The Evolution
6. Slum Village: Hunger (feat. Vice & Focus…)
7. Slum Village: Church (feat. Focus…)
8. Slum Village: Fresh (feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Vice)
9. Slum Village: Turnin' Me Off (feat. De La Soul)
10. Slum Talks About Native Tongues
11. Slum Village: Beats and Breaks
12. Slum Village: Special (feat. Phonte)
13. Slum Village: They Say Remix (feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Phife)
14. Slum Village: The Hard Way (feat. Focus… & Joe Scudda)
15. Slum Talks About The Legacy
16. Slum Village: They Don't Know (feat. Vice & J Ivy)
17. Slum Village: Mortal Kombat (feat. Vice & DJ Bonics)
18. Slum Talks About The Future
19. Slum Village: Da Essence (feat. Vice)
20. Slum Village: Reppin'

Download: Slum Village & Mick Boogie - The Dirty Slums

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