Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I'm Watching: Logic & Raze "EYE GEE OH"

With direction from Jack and Nick Packard, Logic & Raze deliver up the video for the Raze produced Eye Gee Oh track off their ...STILL untitled project. To me it's always dope when underground / indie heads create better videos than their mainstream peers, when the budgets are so vastly different. This is an example of a better video. I definitely respect what the Milwaukee duo did with this new set of visuals. I dig this highly addictive video/track combo. Dope.

I'll let the homie JC Poppe take the rest from here.
Milwaukee's semi-psycho, semi-party hip-hop group Logic & Raze have just released their latest music video, this time for their song "Eye Gee Oh."

The song is a bar fight anthem and the music video, directed by FunnyOrDie's Jack and Nick Packard, takes the visual representation of the song to a creepy new level of cinematic doom.

I imagine that a lot of people who don't live in Wisconsin like to believe that all we have in the state is beer, brats, Packers fans, and cannibalistic serial killers (Ed Gein and Dahmer), and the music video for "Eye Gee Oh" does nothing to disassociate Wisconsin from latter. 
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