Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Interview: Special Sundays x Nitty Scott, MC

Miss Special went from the West Coast to the best coast. Ha! Welcome to New York. Check out her latest interview with Nitty Scott, MC.
Miss Special caught up with Nitty Scott, MC in the Bronx before her first performance there at the Ladies Love pop up shop. They began by speaking about doing a street performance for her "Tell Somebody" video and her favorite street performers.

When asked why she chose Action Bronson and The Kid Daytona for "Auntie Maria's Crib (The Neapolitan Remix) she replied, "You know that was a New York thing more than anything else.. They're both artists that I am huge fans of, that are my homies as well, that represent that new wave, that new generation of spitters that are coming out with their own modern day styles. I think we're all dope individually so to just put all of that on a track is too swaggy!"

She also spoke about rushing the "How I Fly Remix" for Styles P. "They reached out and I was like yo I can knock that out TONIGHT. It was the thing like you gotta write it, record it, and get it back to them the following day so they could drop it that next day.. Weed is the easiest fucking thing to talk about."

Coming next for Nitty Scott, MC (hopefully in August) is "The Boombox Diaries Volume One". "This EP is everything.. I tell people all the time, I've been waiting to put out this project my entire life. Despite the fact that I've put out mixtapes and music and every thing. Having one cohesive project that has a concept that's beyond check me out I got skills.. I've shown that I have substance but it has been very skills based. I just wanted to be accepted within the hip hop community as a spitta but now I think they want to get to know the girl behind the bars."

When asked what her own sound is she calls it street soul, for now. She also spoke about meeting Large Professor at one of her recent shows, the upcoming Royal Arena Festival in Switzerland, and more.
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