Friday, July 06, 2012

NEW RELEASE: John Graham "Magic: Blanc et Noir"

I remember when I first met John Graham. The dude hit me via twitter with his music. Usually I ignore the spam like requests but for whatever reason I reached out to John to provide him with feedback in how he approached folks with his music because I enjoyed his music. When offered the same information, some guys respond with a 'go to hell', but he took what I said and built on it. You could tell he was serious about his craft.

That was the beginning of our journey.

John has been featured on the site a gang of times since then. Now he's back with what he's calling his last album, Magic: Blanc et Noir. I had the opportunity to work with John on the project as Art Director/Designer for his album's artwork, which includes a pretty dope digital book with the download. Magic: Blanc et Noir is a solid album, with quality production and just the right amount of feature, as to not drown out John's extraordinary message. The dude is dope, with a lot to say. It's a powerful album. And if you feel a little uncomfortable with the content of a few of the tracks, a dialogue is what John would love to happen. Listen. Think. Enjoy. Chea!

Stream / Download Magic: Blanc et Noir.

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