Monday, September 24, 2012

Introducing @NiaKeturah

"Baby, I'm just trying to add more continents to my photomap."

I enjoy the discovery of new music. Not that it was hard to stumble across Nia Keturah's new project, considering the Maryland representative sent it to me via email. But, as many folks with a music submission inbox knows, hitting play on an aspiring and unknown artist is often difficult. It's all about taking the chance on music from a person you've never heard of and not feeling like you've wasted your time in the first 30 seconds.

As I often do, I opted to hit play and listen to The Missed Education of Denise Huxtable from Nia, who calls herself the typical college kid, until she dropped out and decided to make a mixtape about it. With production from John Lass, Jinesis, Savvy Society and Sango Beats, she really lays out a story. I dig it. Below is one of my favorite cuts. And if you dig it too, dig in to it and enjoy the rest of MEDH.

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