Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I'm Watching: STANZA "Breathing's Beauty"

STANZA really delivers both a dope video and track with Breathing's Beauty. I'm really digging it. Enjoy both.
Love. It's an easy term to utter but understanding it is another thing altogether. I've come to believe young love is one of the Universe's ways of testing to see if it's inhabitants have the compacity to simply exist together. Having said that, I've never known or understood true love until my boys were born. I've got fraternal twins who came at a time when the wheels on my dream had just begun to roll. Going from, "what am I gonna eat" to "they're hungry and need to be fed" is subtle in speech yet so extremly deep in meaning that it set my entire life and belief system awry. I went from furious job searching and song writing, trying to quickly prepare some kind of nest egg, to just wanting to throw the towel in and let the ref count me out. I've held these emotion so close to my chest that they began to stifle my creativity. That is, until I decided to put them in to a song. "Breathing's Beauty" .

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