Sunday, September 09, 2012

What I'm Watching: Behind the Unsigned: Chris Webby, Fred The Godson, Nitty Scott MC, Skyzoo, and D. Chamberz

I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to watch these until recently. Playing catch up can be a headache but when what you're catching up is artists like these, I can't be mad at all. Behind The Unsigned is giving you a brief insight into a few artists and their lives on and off the mic. Check em out.

Chris Webby:
As a white, middle-class kid from suburban Connecticut, Chris Webby knows the odds aren't in his favor to make it in hip hop. Find out why that's not stopping him anytime soon.

Fred The Godson:
Follow Fred The Godson as he records his "Rack City/Where I'm From" freestyle and see why Hov co-signs him and XXL named him a 2011 Freshman pick.

Nitty Scott MC:
Follow Florida-raised female emcee Nitty Scott as she hits the booth and streets of New York, explaining how NYC has shaped her as an artist and woman.

Brooklyn emcee Skyzoo takes you back recalling his early influences (remember Chi-Ali?!), then hits the studio to show you why he calls himself 'The Flowah'.

D. Chamberz:
D. Chamberz came up in New York's Coney Island and still reps it to the fullest. Hit the studio with the BK emcee after a trip back to his old stomping grounds.

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