Monday, September 24, 2012

TMB Presents: Jinesis "I'm On It" feat. Dremur

We woke Dremur up, pulled him out of bed and threw him in a recording booth. The result, I'm On It, the second single from the upcoming TMB x Jinesis project, Otisis EP Remixed. As you may recall, we teamed up with the NYC based and TMB affiliated producer last year on his Otis Redding sampled project Otisis. Now we're rehashing it and adding some up and coming emcees to the mix.

Dremur has been on a bit of a musical hiatus, and after hearing some of his new unreleased material, Jin and I thought he'd be a perfect fit. And it works. Look for more from Dremur coming soon, as well as more from Otisis EP Remixed. In the meantime, enjoy the music. Chea!

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