Friday, September 07, 2012

NEW RELEASE: Sid Sriram "Daydream"

Yeah, Sid Sriram is dope. With his new EP, Daydream, Sid offers up stunning visuals co-directed by himself and Drew Gilbert of Freshbakedoto. Definitely well worth the 8 minutes. Enjoy the music.
This 7 track concept EP will lead the listener down the journey of falling into a dark daydream and the subsequent return to reality. The full EP is being presented with one visual, featuring pieces of each track, creating a short film, starring Kelsey Worley. Sid himself will serve as the executive producer of the project, with assistance by industry veteran Chad Dexter, Grammy nominee Gabo Lugo, and recent Berklee graduates Jon Nellen and Andy Kautz (AkoustiK). 
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