Monday, October 15, 2012

Download: Euro League - "Cloud9 : Annunaki Rap"

Euro League hit me up with a link before he released "Cloud9 : Annunaki Rap" a few days ago and it's been in my rotation on and off since. I'm loving the sound on this project as well as his flow and how he goes through story after story accompanying the production seamlessly. Cloud9 was a great choice of a word to use for how I sort of felt while listening to this 6 track project. The fact that it's also a free project is just another plus to what Euro League does here. This joint is yet another example of how folks do have an actual choice in getting quality music and not allowing themselves to be force fed music that doesn't step up to the quality plate. Definitely hit the play and then the download and then the share!

Download "Cloud9 : Annunaki Rap" EP Here :

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