Friday, October 19, 2012

Download: Nix - "The Nixtape" (@EmceeNix)

Born in Broken Hill, raised in North-West Sydney & currently resides in Canberra, Nix is an emcee from Australia that's been in love with the genre of Hip-Hop ever since he heard Ghostface Killah's open verse on "Bring The Ruckus". Dude hit us up with this mixtape and the simple fact that it was on Bancamp made it that much easier for me to want to check it out. So I hit play and right from jump, had me noddin' to the music. This cat is definitely trying to do something with this. I respect his hard work on trying to give listeners a really good product. I can vouch for this joint, pretty much from beginning to end. All you gotta do is hit play to find out.

With cover art by Jim Mahfood (Ziggy Marley, Clerks, Community, Felt, MF Grimm) and guest apperances from Percee P, Illmaculate, Losty, Tycotic, LHA and more!

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  1. Wow. This dude's bars are something else!