Tuesday, October 30, 2012

@KirbyLauryen Signs With RocNation

"Thank You Beautiful People." -Kirby

Yesterday, a few hours before she publicly made her announcement, Kirby Lauryen hit us behind the scenes with some exciting news about the next phase of her singing/songwriting career. She had signed a RocNation Publishing Deal and wanted to thank our team for supporting her and her A Song A Day series. We're incredibly happy for her and it's been our pleasure to stand by and support Kirby. And we'll continue to support her too.

We started this site with the intentions of putting folks on to talented people. There have been times during Kirby's series that folks would hit me up and be like, "Q, why y'all ride so heavy with Kirby?" My response was always the same, "because she's talented." Not because she had come with co-signs. Not because she had thousands of youtube views. Not because she hit us with the sneak tip payola. It was all about talent. And with that talent, determination and prayer, Kirby's dreams have come true. Can't help but to be proud of her and that.

As Kirby begins the next phase, she takes to her youtube page to thank her fans and takes us back to the beginning of her A Song A Day journey.

Kirby, again, congratulations.


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  1. This is awesome. You guys and your blog rock my socks. Keep doin it cuz I enjoy!