Monday, October 08, 2012

@KirbyLauryen's A Song A Day Update

"L.A. was wonderful, currently in the process of some things so I can't upload videos at the moment BUT I will be back to share everything God has done. Thank you for supporting me beautiful people." -Kirby

After going strong for 275 days, during a trip to L.A. last week, Kirby abruptly stopped her A Song A Day series and more less dropped off of social media, outside a few 'I'm still here, thanks for the encouragement' tweets. The beautiful songwriter/singer re-emerged today with a few pictures from her trip and this video update. Looks like some big things are in the works and that requires her A Song A Day series to be on hold for the moment. It's awesome to see great things happening to good people. Wishing you the best Kirby.

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