Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Check It ... Analyrical "Deja Vu"

Check out Analyrical, whose First Date project is set to drop December 15. I've heard the advance copy and it's a pretty solid project through and through.
"First Date is a living testament to Analyrical’s life, showcasing his love for the scene, various dates and relationships gone wrong, and braggadocio filled rhymes that display Analyrical as a passionate writer, an aggressive MC’s worst nightmare, and all fields in between. Produced by Orikal (Graff Roots Media), Dimitry Killstorm, Phingaz (Background Noise Crew), B-Mc C, Arsenic, Ecid, Vividend (Sinthesis), Span Phly and Katrah-Quey. First Date is a thrill ride from the way the words and phrases ooze from his cranium, to the production which proves to be consistent, thoughtful, and a dedication to Analyrical and his penchant for rapping."

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