Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tha Lady Blogga: I Voted. Did You?

Last years, Election Day was one to remember. People turned out in record numbers to elect Barack Obama into the White House. It was great to see people out in full force to exercise their right to vote.

This year, I am sad to say, people climbed back under the rocks from which they came. I went to the polls today to vote for a Mayor of NYC and I was met with bored poll workers. There was no line around the corner, no 30 minute wait. As usual, a lot of people in my neighborhood did not come out to vote.

Even though this wasn’t a Presidential election, it was important just the same. Mayor Bloomberg was running for a third term, which he created. As Mayor, he could only run for two terms back to back. He felt so strongly about the “good job” he was doing that he petitioned to change the law and won. Hence, giving himself the right to run again and serve if he won. The public was very clear about him NOT seeking permission to run a third term but he did it anyway. And he won. A double-digit landslide was predicted between Thompson and Bloomberg, however that is not what happened. He only defeated Bill Thompson by 5% of the votes. So perhaps if people came out in drones like they did for President Obama, Bloomberg would have lost.

I mean, I am not a Bloomberg stan but he is doing a fairly decent job. I just don’t like the idea that after asking the public if he should petition for a third term, even though they said no, he ran anyway. That just means he is not thinking about the people. Which means he is not the “people’s Mayor” and he will probably not do much for the people. That bothers me a little bit because then one would have to question his motives.

I personally think it was time for him to step down and let another administration run this city. Just because he did a good job, doesn’t mean he could put himself in the race for Mayor for another year in NYC.

New Yorkers, what do you think?

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