Friday, November 27, 2009

When She Speaks, You Listen: Tha Lady Blogga "Black Friday"

Black Friday...

In this day of a huge government deficit and recession, people still gear up to spend lots of money today. This notorious day after Thanksgiving shopping called "Black Friday" still suckers folks into spending their money. A lot of the time, people are spending money they don't even have. Charging up hundreds and thousands of dollars on "door-buster" sales. I think that the funniest thing about this day is the fact that people have been standing on line to buy items since yesterday, and even the day before that. Is it really that serious, folks?

Do you really need to sit outside of Best Buy for 2 days with a tent to buy a Nintendo DSi? Honestly?

When are you guys going to realize that 9 times out of 10 the items that you are looking to buy were never in the store. It's a clever marketing tool that sucks you into the stores and you end up buying other stuff to help that stores sales increase for the day.

And what about the bunch of you that are rowdy about it and mob the store, banging on the glass because the store was supposed to open at 5 and it's 5:01. Then you rush in the store, creating a stampede like situation and end endangering the lives of other people. Once again, is it really that serious?

My most prevalent "Black Friday" memory is last year when the Walmart worker got killed when the crowd rushed in the store to buy flat screen TV's that were not even in stock. That was my local Walmart, by the way. If that is not ridiculous, then I don't know what is. Was it really that serious?

How about the people that fight over items in the store?! Literally. Pulling and tugging at items like their lives really depended on it. Ridiculous.

Last but not least, how about the bunch of you that are writing bad checks to purchase these things. You know that's a crime, right?

We have been programmed to believe that this is a "must-do" and continue to feed into it. There are more important things in life to worry about. But I'm guessing for some of you, this is as deep as it gets.

You won't catch tha LB out there with you fools. Aside from the fact that my patience for unruly crowds is short, shopping before the holidays is the way to go. Online and in-store, the shopping deals are good if not better before the holiday season begins. I can't wait to watch the news to see what kind of fuckery goes on today.

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