Friday, November 06, 2009

When She Speaks, You Listen: Tha Lady Blogga "Let it Go Already"

This is the first, only and last time that I’m going to speak on this. And I didn’t really even want to give it time but, enough is enough.

I was not in the car with Chris Brown and Rihanna on the night of their incident. But I do know that there are 3 sides to every story. His, hers and the truth. A man should not beat a woman but at the same time, a woman should not put her hands on a man. I am not saying that Chris Brown didn’t beat her but we don’t know how they go to that point.

These two foolio’s had a lot of time to discuss this incident. It seems quite the coincidence that the two of them want to spill their guts now, around the release dates of their albums. And the media is playing right into their hands. They shouldn’t even be paying them any attention.

Because of their power amongst the young community, RiRi and CB should have come out a long time ago to discuss their situation. There are a lot of young people in abusive relationships and need to recognize that. Abusive relationships are hard for young people to identify so perhaps they should have done some PSA’s or motivational panels to help with that. Instead, they ran around ducking and hiding, jet-skiing with Diddy and making a mockery out of themselves. I mean really, what is coming out now going to do. People are still pointing fingers and placing the blame. Good Morning America and 20/20 are squeezing blood from a stone having that heifer on TV for 2 days talking about this thing. She’s the victim, he’s the victimizer. Okay, we get it.

The media is really doing a job on Chris Brown as they are doing all they can to discredit and damage his image. I don’t see Roman Polanski’s name all over the place. And that dirty bastard did something way more disgusting than beat a woman. There are pedophiles, adulterers and drug addicts walking amongst the likes of Hollywood’s finest so why the hell are we focused on Chris Brown and Rihanna? Why aren’t their movies and TV shows being downplayed? Why do they still have millions of fans?

This whole situation is being blown out of proportion. He did wrong. He knows he did wrong. The public knows he did wrong. If I see or hear another Chris Brown apology, I am going to scream!!! That is all.

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