Monday, November 09, 2009

When She Speaks, You Listen: Tha Lady Blogga on Lamar & Khloe's Play Wedding

Even though I didn’t want to believe it, the circus attraction “Khloe and Lamar” and their debacle of a wedding was on the tube last night. So I had to watch just so I could see how this whole thing played out.

Now, I believe that people can meet and know that they have met the one. I really do. For some people it happens that way. But this was just a confirmation of my suspicions… There is something behind this. If these two were really that into each other, they could have made this a not so public event and just done it. They could’ve had a wedding, without the press and Vera Wang and whatever. I guess they didn’t get the memo that a marriage is about the two people involved, not about the people you invite to the wedding or how big the wedding is.

It was sad to see in all honesty. Lamar looked like he rehearsed his lines for this reality show. And why the hell was he always so shiny and greased up? His head looked like a giant Raisinet. He seemed like he was just going along for the ride. I did enjoy him crying at the wedding after the best man speech. I did enjoy his basketball park chat about how he was going to marry her. You could see the cash dollar signs in her eyes as she sat on the pavement. And I figured out that the rush was put on the wedding because they needed a finale for the show. The producers were probably riding on Kim and Reggie but when that fell apart, they had to come up with something and quick… Hence Lamar and Khloe.

And poor Bruce Jenner. These chicks were planning a wedding, spending his cash and they didn’t even tell him about it. He had to watch the news to find out. How are you planning a wedding, spending your father figure’s money and you’re not telling him? That was grounds for an account fund-freezing on the spot. And his make-up artist should be tied up, drawn and quartered because he was over powdered and had too much foundation on. His face looked corpse-like.

Kim was green with envy too. Making such comments like “Ewww. I wouldn’t wanna marry somebody that tall.” She just knew it would be her first. Instead Khloe, regardless of how she did it, was the one out the gate first ... and a multi-millionaire athlete at that.

Kourtney, who is knocked up by a humongous douchebag, had a little green in her eyes. Her baby daddy doesn’t even want to be bothered with her.

Side note: Rob, Adrianne doesn’t want you. That is all.

And why did the little sisters seem smarter than all the adults on the show put together? Why were they even around when the adults were having conversation? But then they had to explain the conversation back to y’all too? #Parentingfail

And last time I checked, Lamar and Khloe weren’t even legal yet due to some pre-nup snafu. So they had this big wedding party for what?? If Lamar wasn’t being forced and rushed, those things should have been worked out ahead of time. She doesn’t need to have any of his money, period. It’s not hers. If he makes more money now when they are together then perhaps that’s a different story.

The previews for the upcoming season look really promising though. Lamar and Khloe spend a lot of family time with the sisters. Kim has a breakdown, ”I don’t want a baby!! I’m fine!!” Kourtney’s baby daddy gets beat up. Seems like a real bunch of winners.

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  1. Lamar's Head...Giant raisinette? LMAO!!! Good story...I agree with everything...LMAO!!!