Saturday, January 08, 2011

Track of the Week 1/8/11: Dusk "Black Lungs"

It's been a long while since we posted a track for the track of the week. It's a feature on the blog that both O and I have talked about a lot. So, we're bringing it back.

This week's track comes from Salt Lake City rapper Dusk (who was featured on the site just a day or so ago). I discovered this track after he sent his The Brady Effect project to me. Because of the EP, I found myself checking out more of his music through his Reverb page. I was immediately impressed by "Black Lungs," which is off of his Black Lungs Ep with his group MindState. There's something dope about the gritty sound created on the blues driven "Black Lungs." Definitely a cool track. So, check out and enjoy the track of the week. Chea!

Black Lungs Ep

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