Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Digitally Detached: "Oh, let me Tweet that"

Cell phones, computers and all kinds of networking sites are taking over the world; Pinky & the Brain style. In a world where communication is key, technology has changed the way we conver se. The traditional phone call and message has forever been replaced by text, instant messaging, Tweeting, Facebooking, videomessages, g-chat, Blackberry Messaging, etc. etc. It is actually becoming a necessary part of life. And if you don’t have it then you are not in the loop.

Nowadays it is very common for people to have all kinds of conversations via text, messaging network or networking site. People do it naturally but when you think about it, it’s all really weird. People say funny things like “Why do you sound like that?” “Why do you have an attitude?” (while reading a text.) How can I sound a certain way if you are just reading words? Preliminary interviews for jobs are being conducted via email. I find that weird because what kind of first impression can you draw from that? Well let’s not forget the fact that people are judged by their email/profile names. And I must tell you, I have heard some pretty stupid ones… I guess it’s true; the screename/email address gives you a good idea as to what type of person you are dealing with. Would you hire DOUBT IT!!! People are declaring their love and proposing via text and Facebook. A friend of mine proposed to his girlfriend on Facebook, it was his status question. And let’s not ignore the fact that with the whole Iran issue going on, Twitter and texting is becoming the number one news source for telling the world what’s going on.

I don’t know about you but I find it mega annoying when I text someone and they don’t text me back. Because then it becomes a question of many things… “Is that person ignoring me?” “Did they even get my text?””What is he/she doing?” Not answering a text, sends a million mixed messages and guaranteed it is going to spark an argument. Not just any argument but an argument… via text. I am not even going to lie, I am guilty of arguing via text…LOL I have blackberry in hand, face scowled, rolling my eyes and feverishly texting the person (usually my other half). That has to be the stupidest thing because all you have to do to end the argument is simply…. Not answer.

So you just go on a date… And you text the person and say “I had a great time…” and the person doesn’t answer. There could be a number of reasons why he/she doesn’t answer. But none of that matters because what are you going to think?? You are going to think that the person is not interested. And even though you might want to call, because the person didn’t initially answer the text, you will already feel rejected and you won’t call… Hence possibly ruining the next best thing.

How many of us are guilty of “lying” via text?? You can tell anybody anything via a text message. I have seen friends lie to their spouses or significant others because they are someplace where they are not supposed to be. Cheaters love text messaging because while they are sitting in front of their side piece, they are telling their significant other some BS story. Or one better, what about the missed call? Five minutes later, they will text you to validate why they missed the call. And people buy it… But my response to that is, well if you could text me then you could have answered the phone idiot. DUH!! Have I ever done that? I won’t lie, I have. I’m someplace chillin’… First the missed phone call, then the explanatory lie text.

And those networking sites are just as annoying. I mean I love Facebook for the fact that I have crossed paths with people I probably never would have otherwise. But you have no control over what people say on those things and everything you say is pretty much documented. People have gotten fired over MySpace profiles and Facebook statuses. Pedophiles have taken to these sites to find victims. People have broken up over Tweets (Jenn Aniston and Jon Mayer), and celebrities have been impostered on AIM and Twitter. We have tons of problems and complaints with these mechanisms but clearly, what would we do without them?? Use of these communication and networking sites seem to be completely out of control people. Control yourselves!!!

Now I’m sorry, I gotta go. I have Tweets to check and return.


  1. The world has become a playground of social networking whores!!!! Although we live in a real time environment, sometimes you just have to learn to disconnect and step away from the equipment. I refuse to become a slave to the technology.

    As for those DUMB ASSES that us stupid names for employment applications like deserve to be ignored...they didn't have the common sense to use their real name: ShaNayNay Smith in the first place...LOL.

    The Playas with all the texting their side piece action will eventually get caught out always happens.

    Fighting via text...stop playing. I do just like you said, ignore it or turn it off.

    People take things a lot more seriously when they can read it over and over again (and forward it to their friends for feedback or ammunition to get someone jumped). But when you converse the old fashioned way via phone or even face to face, they only hear what they want to hear and conventionally miss the other points conversation that could potentially cause them to get shot...LOL.


  2. I think it's funny because even though I am still young I see my younger siblings and all of their friends all hyped up on technology. I remember writing letters to friends from summer camp and to my grandparents.. I don't think my sister or brother has ever written a letter. They just shoot an e-mail over to Nana or text her!?! It's awesome and crazy at the same time.

    As for Myspace and Facebook, I fully agree. I have come across people from elementary school that I have not spoken to since.. Elementary school. lol It's taking over the world. Both of my parents are on facebook ::awkward:: and they both check it.. Regularly. Ugh.

    As for texting.. I am 100% guilty of the "missing the phone call then shooting a text five minutes later" scenario. I just really don't like talking on the phone 98% of the time. And I think people not texting me back is one of my biggest pet peeves.

    All of these methods of communication are changing the way people are socially. I see people at the bar and clubs sittin at the bar texting away next to their homegirl who is also texting away, so it looks like they are texting each other, which they probably are about the cute dude down at the end of the bar and how one should approach him.. Wtf. I'm guilty.. But.. Wtf.

  3. I swear all this this texting is making people forget how to write or speak in complete sentences! Any if one more person actually SAYS LOL to me I migt catch a case.