Sunday, June 07, 2009

RIP! Craig G "Skinny Jeans Funeral"

I never understood why dudes rocked skinny jeans ever. They just weren't my thing! I couldn't rock with them. Mainly because I appreciate not having to jump around pulling on my pants like I'm putting on scuba gear to get them on. I think it's foolish that your jeans fit tighter than your girl's pair. To me, that's just not a good look!

But, heads rock what they want to rock, so I'm not gonna hate. I will however have an opinion and say that it's not me and I think that it looks silly on grown men (yep, I can hear the skinny jean wearing men yelling "HATER!") I'm sure many ladies are with me on this one and saying that this fashion trend for men is a FAIL! Dudes in skinny jeans is like Spec releasing a video "for the ladies" - You say one thing, but your actions say another. No disrespect our skinny jean wearing followers, I just can't rock with it.

Came across this track from Craig G "Skinny Jeans Funeral". Word, I'm down with burying skinny jeans and auto-tune the same week.

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  1. Anonymous9:49 AM

    There is nothing worse than a dude in skinny jeans... Hanging 3/4 off his ass... And dead serious with the look. smh

  2. ...skinny jeans up to the thigh with a bedazzled belt, an extra small shirt, and an extra large scarf. Yo, it's the new uniform! Hot?? NOT!

  3. I take a man in timbs and baggy jeans over this look any day of the week - that's just me

  4. ParadiseWishes9:15 PM

    OMG?! Finally an end to dudes getting yeast infections! For all that didn't get the obit regarding skinny jeans never ever wear jeans that shows how high your socks are, what you working with or how much money you got in your pockets! Please for the sake of future humanity...*smh* so nasty, so nasty.