Friday, June 26, 2009

Tha Lady Blogga Remembers MJ ...

Waking up this morning felt weird. I was hoping that’s the news wasn’t true. But it was. Michael Jackson was really dead…

I was trying to figure out what to say. How to address this in a blog but the words couldn’t come. Even though I did not know him personally, it saddened me to tears. Michael was one of those people who were supposed to be immortal. He would be around making music forever. So this is almost surreal.

I remember being a little girl and having the craziest crush on Michael. My wall plastered with posters. I had all kinds of Michael Jackson paraphernalia. Being that my dad was a DJ, I was lucky enough to have his music on vinyl. And my dad had two copies of everything so I would sometimes get in trouble for taking his second record. If I wasn’t dancing in the living room, I was sitting and staring at the album cover and imagining…

Michael’s music was incredible. From a little boy, he sang from the heart; always genuine, always original. Many of the artists out today wanted to be him, at some point. A lot of people sampled his songs and modeled his style but nobody could do it like him. And nobody ever will.

The radio never sounded better. It is unfortunate that it took the death of an icon for us to hear quality music on the radio. I sincerely hope that artists sit back and take a good look at their music. They need to take a good look at the fact that their work ethic sucks, their level of creativity is nil and their focus on what good music is needs to be examined. Some people need a serious adjustment on the garbage they create and step their game up.

It is a shame that Michael died in the public eye, which is what he hated the most about show business. Instead of people paying homage to his great artistic works, the news and other media are trying to still, break him down. I hope that he can finally rest in peace. I know heaven is rockin’ right now!! Most of our greats are up there … R.I.P. Michael Jackson

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