Wednesday, June 03, 2009

TELL 'EM WHY YOU MAD: Rewind ... Stop the Pause!

Ok, so this has been on my rant list for some time now. Q knows. He's heard it from me time and time again. Can't hold it anymore. I'm pretty much done with this PAUSE phrase. I've never used it. Never will. Don't see why I would have the need. I'm assuming it derived from the "No Homo" fad that Cam'Ron of the Dipset crew started a while back when he was semi-relevant. That phrase, No Homo, I've also never used. Again, never will. Never have to.

I've heard of folks using the phrase "No Homo" and couldn't understand why. At first, I didn't know what it meant and even got confused when they nonchalantly threw it into conversations. And then I found out. So ... those that used it or still continue to use it do so when they just finished saying something sort of homosexual. Example, you can be talking about an artist, "I like Maxwell, no homo. His cd is hot." Ummm, yeah, no. It got so popular for good and bad reasons that I was even sent a youtube video of a guy explaining the evoultion of No Homo. Dude's name is Will Hatcher. And if you haven't seen it, take a look cause in my opinion, he clowns the hell out of it. Hope it makes more people quit using it.

So nowadays, and for a reason I'm oblivious to but happy about, No Homo is dying out, if not dead and buried. Now, people are saying PAUSE in place of it. I don't know where and when it was originated but it's still offensive and semi homophobic as much as No Homo. Is it a remix? Or the original sample? A reincarnated version that's come back to life to piss me off yet again? Or an unwanted ghost from the past? Same meaning, same usage. I, again clueless, don't know who created PAUSE, why they created it, or when. Maybe someone wanted some shine in this age of the internet. Make up a word, spread it fast and hope to become recognized. Who gives a damn?!

Seriously, people. Why? I can't seem to wrap my brain around this nonsense. It's so damn counterproductive. If I know you or who you are, for the most part, I'm sure I'd know if you're gay or not. And to be clear, that fact of whether you are or aren't gay is irrelevant. I don't care. It's pretty much useless information. I'm unquestionably not homophobic. I've worked with gay people, have gay relatives, associates, etc. I could care less. If it doesn't affect my life, money and bills, then do you. Live your life. So, this PAUSE ... let's examine it just a little bit more. Same as No Homo, people use PAUSE when saying something that sounds homosexual but is not to be taken as such. Even saw a clip of a sports reporter interviewing Spike Lee and inserting the word into their Q&A. Here's the clip ...

So moronic nevermind being so unprofessional. Do you really need to say it all the time you say something that sounds semi-gay? Are you afraid that someone might take it in a homosexual way? That someone might assume you're hiding in the closet dropping clues so that someone can help bring you out? If you're not gay, relax! People who know me would scratch their head in utter confusion if I ever used that. They know I'm not gay so why keep throwing in a disclaimer. "Hey, I just said something kinda gay, but, I'm not gay so what I said is not meant to be taken gay, so ummm, ok?!" Idiotic mess. It's like throwing a freaking flare up that actually brings attention to what was said which in turn forces the listener to stop listening, rewind what you said, scrutinize it, and then play it in there head to see if they can find the homosexuality in your words. YOU ARE BRINGING UNNEEDED ATTENTION TO YOURSELF FOR NO REASON. Stop it!!!! Still not convinced? Here's an example. What would you think if someone was telling you a story about a house that got robbed and they told the story like this...

"Yo, you heard what happened? My neighbors just got robbed last night. It wasn't me. They took everything, man. It's crazy. I had nothing to do with it. The flat screen tv, computers, yo, they even took the ride they had in the garage. Again, I didn't do it."

Tell me you wouldn't look at that person with a dumbfounded look like "Yo, why do you keep saying that? I don't think you'd do something like that. So chill. But the fact that you said it three times got me thinking. Why do you sound so guilty?"

COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. Stupid. Nonsense. I'm a grown ass man. There is no way I'll be saying that dumb sh*t. I don't think the things I say are gay or should be taken that way. And if you are taking it that way, then maybe there's some evaluating you need to do within yourself. Maybe there's a doorknob you're searching for. If you're gay, be gay. If you're not, then you're not. Relax. No need to be scared about some unimportant mess. You don't hear gay men talking about "Her hair is very gorgeous, No Hetero". Although that would be hilarious. Hahaha. They don't sweat the B.S. Dudes grow up caring that their sexuality isn't a confusing issue to their so called peers. Your peoples are supposed to be the ones that know you the most. Dummies either way.

It's sad when you worry about what's thought by the people you don't care about and what it does to you. That's what you should PAUSE ... forever.

What are your thoughts?

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  2. Ive never heard that Stop Pause thing ... But ive heard NO HOMO before and absolutely hated it. Ive never used it either.

  3. I’m with you on this it’s like the phrase “with all due respect” when it was used in Talladega Nights. You can’t say whatever you want just because you said “with all due respect”. It’s like looking at a dude and saying, “man, I’d hit that…NO HOMO”. See now you’re not so gay.

    Will Ferrell (Ricky Bobby): ... with all due respect, Mr Dennit ... I had no idea you had gotten experimental surgery to have your balls removed ...
    Molly Shannon (Mrs. Dennit): ... ha ha ha ha ha ...
    Greg Germann (Larry Dennit, Jr.): ... what, what did you say, what was that, what was that?
    Will Ferrell: ... woah woah, I said with all due respect ...
    Greg Germann: ... no, that doesn't mean you get to say whatever you want to say to me ...
    Will Ferrell: ... sure, sure as heck does ...
    Greg Germann: ... no no, it doesn't mean that ...
    Will Ferrell: ... its in the Geneva Convention, look it up ...

  4. Yo... That's a good piece man.. i appreciate someone stepping up and shedding light on this ignorant ass phrase.