Thursday, June 04, 2009

TELL 'EM WHY YOU MAD: You Know It’s Summer When…

So as I got over my angst about UGG’s in the summertime, a new footwear problem presented itself. The flip-flop/$3 Chinese slipper epidemic is in full effect.

Flip-flops are a must-have for the beach. But when they start to become an everyday wardrobe accessory, it’s a problem. Women all over the country are guilty of this offense, even me. Like UGG’s, flip-flops are worn in all types of weather. Be it sun, snow, rain or sleet – someone, somewhere will be seen in a pair of flip-flops.

Being that I frequent the beach in the summertime, I see a lot of flip-flops. But what bothers me is that as I navigate away from the beach, I see more and more pairs of flip-flops. The supermarket, the mall, church and even the club… Are you serious?? You are not wearing a pair of flip-flops to the club! Flip-flops with jeans, shorts, skirts, dress pants and socks…. Wait a second, flip-flops and socks??

Well I guess flip-flops and socks are better than flip-fops and unkempt feet.

Ladies, an important fact of life is the pedicure. It is important to keep a fresh pedicure or at least “neat feet”, especially in the summertime when other people have to look at them. There is nothing worse than seeing a pair of flip-flops on busted, ashy, pedicure-less feet. Please be mindful of the fact that after walking so close to the dirty ground, especially in NYC, both your flip-flops and feet are now dirty. That is unattractive and unsanitary, as there are random germs everywhere. Imagine meeting a man and he’s checking you out… guaranteed he will notice the feet and keep it movin’. And ladies, please do NOT put tips or acrylic extensions on your big toes. I mean I don’t have to explain that one. Do I??

Men you are not exempt from this one. I have seen a few of you guys out and about in flip-flops. Flip-flops with jeans, flip-flops with sweats and even more disturbing… Flip-flops and basketball shorts?? How unattractive is a man flopping around in a wife beater and basketball shorts. Ugggghhhhhh. There is nothing like seeing a man worth looking at wearing… flip-flops. And most men consider pedicures to be a “female thing” so some of your feet should be kept in a sneaker.

The “$3 Chinese Slipper” is another tacky nemesis that we can do without. They are the flat mesh slippers that come in all colors with beading on the top…

Seriously ladies, we should not be wearing these outside of the confines of our home. They have been spotted at the workplace with suits, dress slacks, sun dresses … Seriously, you had to have looked in the mirror to see that this was not an acceptable look. The slipper does not look good with any outfit except… pajamas.

Flip-flops, Chinese Slippers and UGG’s are three fashion infiltrators that we could definitely do without.

-This has been another Lady Blogga public service announcement

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  1. Cosign and please add CROCs to the list they are the worst of all!!!

  2. No, that's some bullsh*t if ever I heard it. I can't stand people that find a pair of flip flops for every outfit in their closet. What the hell ever happened to owning a pair of sandals. Cheezy ass flip-flops...I don't care where they come, what brand they are, or how much they cost. They're still flip-flops.

    And those Chinese Slippers with the spark-lees on them..are you serious? These were meant to be worn around the house. Not in the street with or without socks you lazy Chickens. This doesn't add any bling or flavor to your outfit. You just look like an untrained bird that was allowed out of the chicken coop.

  3. I've got a ton of flip flops. I live in Texas and Texas is hot in the summer time so I refuse to wear regular shoes. Sandals, maybe, but if I'm just going up the street, to the gas station or to Wal-Mart ... There is no need for me to wear anything other than that. I keep my feet pretty, unashed and out as much as possible. LOL. As far as those UGG boots, I already commented on that monstrosity ... Those chinese slippers I havent yet gotten into, I dont see them as much as I did in previous years.

    Crocs ... I love them on kids. My child has a pair but I cant STAND THEM ON ADULTS, especially men. I work with a guy who wears them to work on casual friday, I could kick his ass for that mess.