Friday, June 12, 2009

Grown Folk Music ... Dead Prez "Mind Sex"

Lets Get Free is a classic album from Dead Prez! I found myself listening to it today at one point while I endured my 12-hour adventure from upstate New York through to NYC and then up to CT to visit family over the next week.

The radio is saturated with a lot of questionable music as it pertains to relationships and sex, most notably Kiss Me Thru the Phone from Soulja Boy and Lil Kim's Download. It makes you question, do people even have in person relationships anymore?

Well, this joint right here ... Mind Sex is strictly some grown folk shit. But really, what do you except from a crew like Dead Prez that keeps it so real. It's definitely an older track but needed to be shared! Enjoy!

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1 comment:

  1. Mind sex is one of those songs that changed my life. They taught me to find a man that was gonna respect me for my mental, physical, and spiritual qualities, not just the physical. I owe alot to Dead Prez for that one.