Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Music Monday (After the Fact) - Wale

I was initially going to post Wale up yesterday as our Music Monday feature but got a little caught up in some other things. So, I'm posting it today and calling it the Music Monday joint (just pretend it's Monday again in your mind). Really, it doesn't matter because every day on the blog is like Music Monday in some regard, because we're always pushing music.

While traveling most of Sunday I found myself finally listening to Wale's Back to the Feature. It's dope. Dude doesn't have to give out free music and he did and it's quality. I picked Hot Shyt to share and threw Sweatin Out Weaves in as kind of a bonus. There are a lot of joints on this mixtape, but I just wanted to throw these two out. Enjoy and happy Monday (or Tuesday)

Download Back to the Feature (pulled this link from www.hiphopiscoolagain.com)

Hot Shyt featuring Peedi Peedi, Black Thought, Tu Phace & Young Chris (produced Ritz)

Sweatin Out Weaves featuring UCB

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  1. I enjoy listening to Sweatin Out Weaves when I work out...even though I don't have a weave. It's just feels so appropriate, lol. Life's a Bitch ft Talib Kweli and Joell Ortiz is hot too.

  2. Everything I've heard from him, so far, I've loved. This is no exception.