Saturday, June 06, 2009

So Does the Hood Stop Auto-Tune 'Cause Hov Said So?

"You rappers singing too much ... get back to rap ... you t-paining too much..."

Jay is saying what a lot of heads had been saying for a while on blogs and underground music in his new track D.O.A. Remember that KRS-One and Buckshot joint that dropped a month or so ago, Robot? Yeah, KRS-One and Buckshot pretty much hammered auto-tune there. You know what folks said, "they're haters." Why? Cause them dudes had an opinion. They questioned their age and why they were taking shots at the industry, because apparently that was played out in some circles. That's dumb shit. Take shots at the industry when they're not representing real hip-hop and creativity. That's cool with me. But Hov said it now, so let's see what impact it has.

Some say he's an idea biter on this track. We dig Jay, but we have to agree. Yeah, heads are taking shots at Jay over it but by and large, most people are feeling it because it's Jay. We gonna rock with that Robot track more out of respect though. What would have been dope is if Jay had teamed up with KRS-One and Buckshot and done a collaboration track from jump.

Hmm, guess Kanye's next album won't be like Heartbreak.

But hey, what does The Mad Bloggers know, we're just music fans.

Jay-Z "D.O.A."

KRS-One and Buckshot, "Robot"

The Word from Twitter after we threw out "Jay dropped DOA and set off a debate... Some like it, some pass on it ... How do u feel?"

@SPMidniteMusic @madbloggers hes saying that music is about passion and the will to get better. in other words. to many souljaboys and autotune not enough hip hop artist

@madnewsblog @madbloggers you are right. its just decent not a classic. Jay isnt capable of creating another classic

@Dean_Big @madbloggers im feeling it. it is a sound that is missing from hip hop of late. #Jay-Z

@MentalElastic @madbloggers Not a classic record but I like it.

@MzSuiGeneris @madbloggers Lyrically he's killin' them out there. He's not saying anything new, he basically just aired it out. He can do that. I respect it.

@Dannigyrl @madbloggers I don't like it. But I think hip-hop is so thirsty now for REAL talent & REAL lyrics, that we are settling. It's not a classic

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  1. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Not mad at this track at all.

  2. Anonymous9:46 AM

    It's not about who said it, it's about how it was said. HOV has a sick delivery.. regardless of how old he is. He is still doin' it better that most of these youngins out there. End of story!! Robot did it good, D.O.A. did it better!!