Sunday, June 07, 2009

TELL 'EM WHY YOU MAD: Blame It On the Stupidity

T-Pain releases new track "Blame It On the Stupidity" featuring his "BIG ASS CHAIN"

Dear T-Pain,

You're an idiot. No, it’s not because of your excessive use of auto-tune. It’s because you felt the need to buy the dumbest piece of jewelry in the history of purchasing jewelry. This is your money, no doubt about that, so I'm not going to tell you how you should have spent it. However, I'm sure you could have thought of something else to spend it on, right homie? You know they saw your dumb ass from the door when you walked in, right? The sales man had you sized up and knew that you would bring in a hefty commission. I'd like to think that you didn't really spend $410k on the 10lb piece.

Just for the record, I'm not hating. You know why, because I'm not a hater, just a dude with an opinion and my opinion is that in addition to you being an idiot, you're ignorant and like my man @jcrillz (who is also a dope blogger) said on Twitter, "what's worse is it should actually say pendant, not chain. Ignorance abounds." Why? Because chain is the link you wear around your neck. This, my friend is a "BIG ASS CHARM". What you should have gotten is "BIG ASS IDIOT". Maybe even "BIG ASS FOOL" or "BIG ASS WASTE".

T-Pain, you're familiar with MC Hammer right? Are you trying to MC Hammer your money right now and throw it all down the drain? And then many years later you’ll have a “comeback” with a reality television show called Stripper Time? Oh, that’s cool, maybe you’re setting up for the future with that move. If this is the plan, that time in the middle is going to be rough though, ask Hammer.

Hey, I'm not saying you should consider yourself a role model but there are some kids that look up to your foolish ass. So, now in addition to thinking they could have a career with very little talent and use of technology, they may also be thinking about how great it would be to be able to blow $410k on a useless item.

I wonder what Suze Orman would say about your recent purchase in light of a recession. Personally, I think you should fire both your financial planner and business manager for allowing you to make such a foolish purchase, and smack yourself (really hard).

You're a fool!

PS: If it’s fake and this is just a stunt, I still think you're an idiot! By the way, how do you feel about that Death of Auto-Tune track?

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  1. That is niggorance if I have ever seen it before. He will need a neck brace soon enough.

  2. i read "410k" over and over again hoping i read that wrong.

    disappointment swells in me like the nausea i would get from trying to wear that chain-and-charm around my neck in the sweltering heat of summer.

  3. Umm... you're officially being put in my Google Reader subscription RIGHT now. This letter is EVERYTHING! T-Pain is the Ghost of Coon Present. iCan't w/ him

  4. "T-Pain is the Ghost of Coon Present."

    I just fell dead STOP THAT!.

    You know ... I feel the same way, it's ridiculous. We're in the middle of a recession. Didn't Keyshia Cole say some dumb shit like that talkin about 'what recession, im a princess,' I lost what little respect I had for her ... its just all gone now.

    T-Pain makes some catchy ass tracks, no lie, but this kinda mess here just hurts my head. If he really wanted to throw away some money, he could have just dumped it in the streets and let people who need it - have it.

    As far as the auto-tune track ... Its alright ... I have no problem with auto-tune when used in moderation, lol.