Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reality TV w/Tha Lady Blogga ... "Kendra"

We all know that reality shows are somewhat staged and scripted… Right?? Regardless, watching them and following the madness is my guilty pleasure (amongst other things…) Kendra which just premiered this week, is officially my favorite. The show is a spin-off for Kendra Wilkinson from Girls Next Door. Since Girls Next Door, she was my favorite. She moved out of the Playboy Mansion and shacked up with her fiancé Hank Baskett for her own show. Hank Baskett is a Wide Receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles. Aside from the fact that he is nice to look at, he seems to be a charming man. They make a very cute couple. Her ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner would probably beg to differ.

First of all, Hugh Hefner is a modern day pimp. That man is really old and still workin’ it. I am trying to understand a woman’s attraction to him but it just isn’t formulating for me. Kendra has a fiancé and he is still trying to mack her. He offered them his mansion for their wedding which is set for June 27th. What ex-boyfriend does that?? Hef does. Why?? Because he is a “G”. He was kissin’ her on the lips and the whole bit…Uggghhh. Well…
Hank must’ve sensed some competition because guess what….?

Kendra is knocked up!!! Yup. Hank must stand in the mirror every morning flexing his muscles saying, “Take that, Hef!!!” She confirmed that she is pregnant with their first child. HAHAHA!! Take that again, Hef! The couple is thrilled and I actually wish them all the best. This is the first reality anybodies that I am actually routing for. Hopefully she will not follow suit of the other reality moms already on the tube!

I am just glad it isn’t Speidi!!

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  1. People take the "old people are so cute" thing too far when it comes to Heff. That's one of the only reasons I could think that someone would want to be with him.

    I am glad they are having a child, though. It really matures people, you know?

    I will say, I actually do like Tori and Dean.

    Spencer Pratt is a dick. Was a dick, and always will be a dick.... Actually... dick isn't the right word. More like douchebag... King of the Douchebags? Maybe. Might still be an understatement, and Heidi Montag is a dimwitted, plastic with too much bleach overpowering her brain waves to realize this.

    Their marraige and their lives will always be about the publicity. I say death to Speidi.