Saturday, June 20, 2009

What tha Lady Blogga is Listening to ...

Being a resident of the 6th Borough (Far Rockaway, NY), I take pride in the artists that come from this concrete jungle and make it big. With the anniversary of the death of a personal friend and artist, Stack Bundles on 6/11, I thought it only appropriate to let you guys in on The 6th Borough’s next big thing.

@GSwagger is a multi-talented artist out of Far Rockaway. He was busy this weekend shooting the video for his next single “Lifestyle”. He is the C.E.O. of Fam Click Entertainment, a member of RockStar Society and a model for their clothing line. When he is not bustin’ down the stage at a show, he is doing internet radio shows or in the studio makin’ it happen. He was just in the studio last week on a collabo with @jasminesolano, a female rapper/DJ out of Brooklyn.

While we are inundated with “Swagger” on tracks, this artist definitely has what it takes to don the name, G Swagg. Growing up in the 40’s Housing Projects, he was faced with a lot of life’s harsh realities which gave him a foundation for writing. He is lyrically versatile and can put it on a track with no problem. His songs are featured on two mixtapes “Fly or Die” and “The Groundwork” with a third on deck, due out this summer.

Swagg has a large fan base in the States and Overseas. His songs are spun deep in the clubs of NYC and played on a lot of different internet radio shows including, and At shows, it is guaranteed that once he steps on the stage, the energy in the venue is crazy. In this day and age where we are constantly questioning the state of hip-hop, it is good to hear music sans the usual candy-ass lyrics. He is always on his grind and always aims to please his fans. He recently did an interview for a radio show on and during a freestyle session, he showed his range proficiently. I was definitely impressed. As soon as I get the link to the audio, I will share. Until then, take a listen…

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