Sunday, June 28, 2009

Check It ... Derill Pounds

It’s unique.

That’s the only real way to explain his sound. To stick it in a particular genre would be a grave injustice but if I were forced, I’d leaned toward calling it alternative hip-hop.

No cookie cutter music here. Derill Pounds, the 27-year-old emcee out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin (yes, home of Oshkosh B’Gosh) has been experimenting with music for a while. There’s passion in his music and his sound and lyrics are driven by keeping it real. Yeah, dude definitely keeps it real!

We reached out to dude at least a month back for this Q&A. We’re finally posting it now. Check it out.

How would you describe your sound/music?
Just being myself. I know its cliché but its true. It’s really just about being influenced by so many things in my life kinda shit. I’m gritty. I’m smooth. I freak you out. I’m not the way you like hip-hop. I make you think. I wanna break your face. Take you to a new world. Let’s go to the park kinda shit.

What's your favorite part of doing your music?
Everything! It’s something I just really love to do. It takes me away. It takes me there. I enjoy playing live and meeting new people, but also being a hermit and working on it like some monster in the attic.

What the hardest part of doing your music?
Still having to work everyday! (Haha) Just supporting your self doing it. No glamour involved for the d.i.y. artists, but it teaches you a lot of good and a lot of bullshit. You gotta be humble and just have fun, but really get on your grind too, and I haven't seen the half of what it could be in other places or levels of whatever mainstream medias mingle in.

Who do you work with on you music?
A handful of people. Bufus Wood has been my primary partner in crime making the vast majority of my beats and also one time and soon once again band mate for the "apple bomb fruit flys". It’s just too many to name – so many good peoples and inspirations. Really fortunate that I've gotten to do the things I have with the people I have. Not much of a name dropper.

Who are your musical influences?
Once again, too many to name! Just a couple would be Kool Keith, Steve Miller Band, Tribe, De La, Operation Ivy, Da King & I, Slug, Heiro, and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnyyyyyy more...

Where do you want to see the music go?
Lots of places. I really enjoyed being on the road touring, but would also like to do it more and on the coasts. I just wanna have fun with it and enjoy something I feel like I really need to do. Get to some new heads and have them enjoy it too.

What's upcoming? What projects are in the works?
Releasing my new album "emotional rollercoaster rescue" and trying to push that and some new audiences, friends, and fans. Help my brother Adrian out more with his up and coming "Anti-Famous Ent." Working on some new things with Bufus Wood and J.B. ill. Just see where it takes me and enjoy myself doing it. I’m having fun. I have something to say and I don’t really feel like going away... big ups Mad Bloggers!

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