Thursday, June 25, 2009

Real Talk: Remembering The King of Pop

Real talk for just a moment. Let's celebrate life.

Let the allegations and the Jacko talk fall back and let us appreciate the artist. Just for a real moment don't focus on the mostly gossip and rumor based nonsense of Michael Jackson's life and let's talk about and remember an INCREDIBLE artist with an extraordinary gift.

His music entertained us. His rise moved us. He was the King of Pop. This one man, his dance moves, his videos and his musical catalogue have impacted many different generations. There are those that grew up with Motown's Jackson 5 and then those that knew the amazing solo career of Michael Jackson.

The Internet and television - basically every media source have been on fire and have almost come to a halt over Michael Jackson. I grew up during a time that a Michael Jackson video world premier was a huge event. They covered his video like an Obama news conference on every major network. It was huge. You sat in your living room around a television and waited for the King of Pop's newest offering to the world to premier during prime time.

He was huge. He was the King of mini-series type music videos. I think most people can remember where they were when they saw Thriller for the first time. I'll bet that those same people are still a little afraid of the video to this day. How many of us have pulled a line from Billy Jean? You remembered how crazy the Remember The Time video was with Eddie Murphy and Magic Johnson. Who has world renowned movie directors directing their music videos? Yeah, Michael Jackson.

His collaborations go on and on and on. His career stretches decades. What were you doing when you were 10 years old?

He provided REAL dance moves. Remember the moonwalk? Remember that move he pulled in the Smooth Criminal video? I bet there are folks digging in their closet for their thriller jacket and searching for their single glove right now! Folks might be buying out stores for high-water pants, white socks and dress shoes right now. Be real.

Michael Jackson was and is an icon. Regardless of what has happened to the man in recent years in his personal life, his music is legendary and every rapper and singer deep down (and some on the surface) want to be him in some regards.

Let us appreciate the music that he gave to the world. Let us remember the King of Pop and his ability to make grown people cry and men and women alike faint while he performed.

The man was legendary and should be respected and appreciated. If you have MJ jokes or nonsense, save it. He dealt with enough of it in life, do we need to disrespect him in death? Let's celebrate and be positive. This goes for major networks and individuals.

Like my man O said, every radio station everywhere should be playing nothing but Michael Jackson for the whole weekend. He deserves that much.

It's just real talk.

A few words from "O":
It was an incredibly sad day in this world the day they announced Michael Jackson's passing. I can't believe how affected I get when I hear his music now. Having to fight the lump in my throat knowing he is forever gone from us and this world. I feel at least blessed to have grown up during the great part of his career. So many classics that will forever be remembered. I may have been younger but I still knew and felt his music to be greater than anyone can or will ever create. It's hard for me to talk about it now considering how powerful his music is and knowing he's no longer here to create more of that magic. Through out his ups and downs, he has given the world more than anyone I can even imagine. Michael did so much through his music. I hope God has open his gates in heaven for him and is waiting with open arms. He can suffer no longer. May his legend live on eternally through us and through his music.

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  1. Yo. Reading this literally brought tears to my eyes because it just reminds me of how much of a legend he really is. I've been a big MJ fan since I can remember. I was raised on MJ cause my mom was a big fan. I remember trying to do the moonwalk when I was like 5 years old. Damn.

    Like I say about any other celebrity, I really don't think their personal life has anything to do with their career. If he was found guilty or innocent for any aleged charges, it doesn't change the fact that he is/was a brilliant artist. A legend.

    RIP. Michael Jackson
    We can only hope that people can just respect the dead and stop talking all this negativity. Like you said. Let's celebrate a life.

  2. I still love Thriller! And that was before my time... I think. Regardless, I have seen a lot of styles and stars come and go, but he has always been timeless--no matter what controversy he has been a part of.

  3. That's ashame. He had some good music. More and more people are dying young.

    May Michael Jackson rest in peace despite some of the negative things said about him.

  4. This was dope! The man was larger than life. To know he is no longer alive has me more messed up than I could imagine. Just... wow

    I just wrote a letter to MJ on my blog, and I consider it the fan letter I never sent.

  5. I am still in shocked!!! i literally teared at my desk at work as i slowly came to realize that he did indeed pass.

    the whole world was in complete silence. here in vegas, they paid tribute to him as they did a light show at the fremont experience in honor for him... the first time ever.

    then back at home in hawaii, they held a candle light vigil at the beach and threw flowers into the ocean.

    he continues to MOVE us with his music. i hope the radio/mtv will now realize that death shouldnt become the inspiration for them to put out GOOD music!!!

    love the blog post

  6. I still remember, i was 6 years old in 1983(i lived in Africa at the time), and we were just getting the new thriller video on TV! this was an major event for all of us because we only got tv transmissions 3 times a week! it was an exciting moment, i watched the whole video with my parents, it was the greatest music video i had ever watched! this would mark my LOVE for MJ's music until today. 26 years on i'm still a great fan! I grew up with michael's music, i love his lyrics, i love the way he made us see that there is NO difference in races, no matter where you came from we are still human beings. His music will never be forgotten and will stay with us forever, his music transmitted love, passion and great feelings. He was and still will be a UNIQUE human being, a beautiful human being, there will never be another Michael Jackson. I will miss him very much, he was a kind hearted man he always gave himself more than words can explain. May he now and forever rest in peace always.

    ps- you are right! i still get a bit scared watching thriller!!! :)