Monday, October 03, 2011

The Bigger Picture ... Ricardo "Selfmathematiks" Murillo wins a spot on a Times Square billboard.

Photo By: Luis Cuevas

Shoutout to Connecticut's own Ricardo "Selfmathematiks" Murillo, Founder/Owner at SELFMATHEMATIKS Clothing Co. & Photography, for winning a contest held by securing him a spot on a big Billboard at Times Square. This guy is one of Connecticut's hardest working independent photographers I know. From clubs to music shows, from events to photoshoots, this guy does his thing behind the camera.

I asked him about this contest, the process, and the outcome. Here's what he had to say.

Well, it was an online contest for a website company called, a branch of AOL, and basically it's a social network that is like a digital business card. So people can see a picture of you, read a short bio, and all your info and social media links are on that page. Pretty genius idea. So anyway, they were having this contest campaign where who ever got the most votes would win a billboard of their profile in Times Square and I was one of the 3 Grand Prize winners.

There will be a total of 10 winners that will get their profile on the digital billboard but only 3 Grand Prize winners will get the most face time on the billboard. Also, the 3 Grand Prize winners get flown, or in my case because I am close, they are sending a limo for me to head out to NYC and are putting us in a hotel in Times Square for 3 days and 2 nights with a guest. This is all happening on October 10th. Also, on that day they will be presenting us with the win in Times Square and we will attend a private company event. We will also be apart of the promotion campaign, magazines, online, etc. The Billboard goes live October 8th and will run for 4 straight weeks but we wont be doing the presentation until the 10th.

I ended with 2,832, the most votes and people from all over the world participated in the contest.

Make sure that on October 10th, if you're in Times Square, you check out the billboard and hit him up on Twitter if you're taking pics of it. @SELFMATHEMATIKS

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