Sunday, October 02, 2011

What EMS Is Watching ... "Transition Remix" x @NakiaSaid

"Don't know if it's the Virgo in me or the way that I was raised to be. That keeps me constantly stressing and missing all the great things in this life. Is passing me by. So I've been trying to find things to ground me. Show compassion to my friends and family. Learning how to love without condition. But I forget to love me so easily. Is it how I choose to be?

Well I've decided... well I've decided. Well I've decided. I've decided. I've decided that I forgive me. I forgive me. It's my decision. It's my transition. And I've decided to live my life and not let life live me. I forgive me."
I don't think I could've found something better to kick start your October month than the smooth, mellow sounds of Nakia Henry. I posed a question on Twitter for folks to hit me up with some R&B music because I needed to hear something new, and one of my peeps, @JosephAParker told me about this artist. I checked out her video on her website and suffice it to say, I'm loving it. "Transition Remix" is a song, I think, that we all can relate to at any given point in our lives. It inspires us to let go, and live.

The vocals are dope. The video is stunning. I love the instrumentation and the arrangement. Take a look and a listen. Enjoy! And don't forget to choose to live.

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