Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Interview: Miss Special x Blue Scholars

Another fresh interview from our West Coast homegirl Miss Interview aka Miss Special. Enjoy. Chea!
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to interview Blue Scholars before their show at Slim's in San Francisco. I first spoke with Geo/Prometheus Brown about working with Sacramento's DLRN, the process behind his project "Walk In To A Bar" with Bambu, calling the duo he and Bambu formed The Bar, the significance behind it, and his favorite song on that project. Then I talked to both Geo and Sabzi about the names they came up with for the group before they decided on Blue Scholars, the two of them switching roles; as far as Sabzi doing vocals and Geo making beats, and the process of Sabzi producing beats around vocals. We also spoke about Sabzi and Bambu's project/group "Inglewood Humperdink", what's next for Blue Scholars including releasing unreleased songs on cassette? and more.
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