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Download: Mr. Ivory Snow - "Sex After Smoking" (Free)

Mr. Ivory Snow finally released the "Sex After Smoking" album after a few singles were released and it took me a minute to get to it considering the full time job issue. Haha. I sort of knew what to expect judging by the singles he released prior to it and from speaking to him about his musical tastes. I knew the guy had some talent and skills on the mic. I knew he was meticulous about his engineering, producing, overall creating this album. But after all was said and done and after about 4-5 full listens, it pretty much exceeded my expectations. I really dig Mr. Ivory's skills on the mic, his production choices, and even the amateur graphic designer in me digs the cover art to the album as well.

So many tracks hit the ears like a hypnotic, rhythmic trance putting me into a focus that allows me to take the lyrics in word after word, bar after bar, track after track. I can't help but hit the repeat button a few times just to absorb the tracks a little longer. But that's not to say that there aren't a few misses for me on "Sex After Smoking". Tracks like "Up And Away (Feat. Reem Dollasz & Yung Truth)", "Silver Thunderbird (Dot Rising Above)", and "Buss It Open" don't catch my attention musically but that doesn't mean other folks won't think it's not dope. With 20 tracks total, 3-4 songs won't leave bad taste in my mouth considering how good them other tracks are.

I spoke with Mr. Ivory Snow about his albums. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

What were your influences going into creating this album?
My influences for this album are three relationships. Relationship with my parents, my girlfriend and myself/god. As far as musical, I was listening to Dilla, Erykah Badu, Dwele, Common, D'Angelo & Slum Village. Lots of Detroit and other southern influences as far as musical inspiration.

With this album, what are you hoping your listeners/fans gain from it?

I hope fans and listeners gain a better understanding of who I am not only as an artist but as a person. This album is mainly for young men who have gone through any type of abusive relationship, whether coming from a love interest or a parent. I've made my mistakes into music so I can hopefully reach someone who is potentially going through the same thing so they won't go down the path that I went. Most of all, I want to show people that rappers aren't always these hardcore, murderous, drug dealers. That we actually have depth and meaning to our lyrics and we also have real lives just like someone who with a 9-5.

How hard were you on yourself in making sure the quality of this album met your own standards?
I recorded over 70 songs and came up with the strongest 19. Each song had about 10-15 mixes on it just because I wanted every sound and vocal to mesh together perfectly. I had little to no sleep and barley ate. Some days, I had to remind myself to eat because I was just so in tuned with creating the best material possible, not to mention the mastering process had to be done 3 times.

Do you have any personal favorites in that album that stick out?

Every song is really personal, some even heart wrenching. Runnin', Explode, Silver Thunderbird, Lamborghini Dreams and even Sex After Smoking. But, Runnin' & Silver Thunderbird are the most personal tracks for me.

What was the best part of making this album?
That's hard to say since it was so painful doing this project. But I'd have to say that the experiences that I went through would have to be the best part of this album because that's what fueled the creativity.

All in all, I encourage you to hit play on some of my favorites from the album I posted here and decide if you want to download the free album after. Yep, I said free. With a bunch of mainstream artists putting out $12-$18 10 track mediocre albums, what do you have to lose hear? You're more likely to gain another artist. Enjoy.

"A Kings Treatment" (Prod. Ohlbiv)

"Wake Up" (Prod. Mr.Ivory Snow)

"Pussy" (Prod. Mr.Ivory Snow)

"Things You Do" (Prod. DJ Harrison)

Download "Sex After Smoking":

Download "Sex After Smoking":

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