Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kirby Lauryen's A Song A Day: Day 57 & 58

Not enough sites stand behind unsigned talented folks. That's something that we've long been committed too. In pursuit of realness, right? Right. While other sites follow, we try to lead and jump out front when we believe in someone and their music.

Kirby Lauryen has been on our radar for a little while. I thank EMS for bringing her to our pages and sharing her amazing music and beautiful voice with our readers. Yesterday Kirby dropped a wonderful EP. If you haven't, you should download that immediately. I'll wait *grabs Snickers bar*

I hope you've downloaded it by now.

Anyway, Kirby has also been putting out a video series simply titled A Song A Day, recording and releasing a song a day via her youtube channel. She's got some great songs there. So, from this moment forward, we're committed to posting those videos here on a daily basis. Her voice needs to be heard. Support independent music and talented people.


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