Thursday, February 09, 2012

Jass Bianchi - The Sponsor "HER" Campaign

Talented and creative emcee Jass Bianchi is trying to release her next project soon but this time, she'd like your help. You can read a little about here here and after you visit the site where she explains more on this project. Check it.

SONY told her to quit college, and loose weight.
Sean Combs said she should calm down her lyrics...

In an industry heavily influenced by masculinity, Jass Bianchi steps up to the plate. Her Debut Album H.E.R. is in response to legendary Chicago based rapper Common's 1994 hit "I used to love H.E.R."

This album will showcase the dexterity, beauty, and point of view of women both universally and within the realm of the hip-hop industry.

Your donation will be used to provide the proper mixing & mastering, recording, and live instrumentation needed to make the vision possible.

Both men and women often complain about the false representation/selective representation of women in the hip-hop industry. Now is your chance to change that.

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