Thursday, March 01, 2012

Interview: Special Sundays x Chuuwee

I respect Miss Special's grind. She keeps things rolling with another fresh interview with Chuuwee. Enjoy.
Chuuwee was recently on Special Sundays Radio Show with Miss Special. They spoke about his upcoming project "Chez!?...Chill!" his Dilla tribute set to release March 3rd. They spoke about why he chose to do a Dilla tribute project, how many tracks it will have and the features. They also spoke about what's going on with the awaited project "Crown Me King" and his other upcoming projects including "Wild Style", "Third Coastin" and a southern hip-hop mixtape. Chuuwee also played exclusive tracks; "Air" featuring Levi Watson and "Get It Crackin" featuring Mistah Fab. J. Good also called in and gave an update and insight on The Avengers anticipated project "Cold Summer In Gotham".
(via @MiSS1SPECiAL)

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