Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Jake x AMSOC "I Believe in the Tears of a Girl Named Hannah"

Super long title but I dig it. Ha! Fresh project. Check the back story below. Enjoy. Chea!
AMSOC has promised to create an EP a month this year, each of which are entirely produced by a single beatmaker. This month’s EP “I Believe in the Tears of A Girl Named Hannah,” is a collaborative effort with producer The Jake. The EP gets its unique name from a composition of the original beat titles that were sent to the AMSoc emcees when the project took root. The Jake, who released his own project, “The Dream Pusher EP,” in August of last year, has worked with artists such as J Gunn, Median, Rapsody and Keisha Shontelle to name a few. The EP is just what you would expect from the dynamic supergroup featuring lyrical verses, hard hooks and loads of content. Download it now for free and let the music speak for itself. 

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