Thursday, March 08, 2012

@KirbyLauryen's A Song A Day: Day 67

"You have to really love yourself and be your own cover girl." -KL

Here's a Q fun fact. Growing up I wanted to write and direct movies. I have a dozen or more scripts that I've written and tapes full of skits and shows I created and directed as a youngster. Somewhere along the line things didn't pan out, but I still think about those times. This morning when I heard 'Cover Girl' it took me back to that place. Why? Because as Kirby sang the song, in my mind I saw the video. A video of women who may not be deemed as 'cover girls' but beautiful indeed. Tall. Short. Big. Small. White. Black. Old. Young. This is a beautiful song from Kirby Lauryen's 'A Song A Day' series. One hell of a message too. Enjoy. And if you do, please share.

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