Sunday, March 04, 2012

MKE's BEST (2 Years Later)

Two years ago we released what is probably one of our biggest projects ever presented by The Mad Bloggers (and was the start of our bandcamp page). We teamed up with WMSE 91.7 in Milwaukee to pull together the MKE's Best compilation, featuring many Hip-Hop acts out of the area. The project came at the end of our Journey to Hip-Hop series spotlighting the Brew City. Many folks were surprised with the talent coming from the area. We weren't. We had been covering MKE Hip-Hop for a few months before the series kicked off. Having never traveled to MKE before (or even after for that matter), we were committed to showcasing the quality of the music from their artists and producers.

In the two years since MKE's Best we've continued to build great relationships with many of the folks out of the Milwaukee area, including BLAX, Maal Himself, Signif, SPEAK Easy, Haz Solo, Dylan Thomas, Dana Coppa, Audio Pilot, KingHellBastard, Reason, Dima, Michelle of UniFi Records, Melissa Czarnik, Raze, JC Poppe, Eric Mire, AUTOMatic and many others. We're fortunate to have this cool connection to Milwaukee.

We thought on this anniversary we should repost this important project that was a pretty big moment in TMB history and part of our ongoing relationship in Wisconsin. If this is your first time checking this project, enjoy this music. Chea!

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