Monday, March 05, 2012

TMB Presents: Madden Miles "Large Marge Sent Me"

Returning to beat making last year, Wisconsin's Madden Miles has pushed out two successful TMB presented projects (Season Change and The Donny Hathaway Beat Tape), in addition to some beat placements and projects of his own. I enjoy working with the dude. Now he returns with a major co-sign from Large Marge (yes, that Marge) on the new beat tape Large Marge Sent Me.

"I brought a lot of new evolved methods I've been practicing," said Madden Miles about the new project. "The most fun I've had made making a project."

Definitely a solid effort from the homie, who continues to grow and develop with each beat. Hit play and enjoy. Chea!

1. Intro
2. Be Sure & Tell Em (Just Like This)
3. Bikes
4. Concussed Like Woah
5. Large Marge
6. I'm A Rebel (Interlude)
7. Oh Dotty
8. That's My Name, Don't Wear It Out (Interlude)
9. Frances Fights
10. War/Peace
11. Fortune Tellin' Rob Job
12. Ten Speed Sad Raps
13. Pee-Wee Sherman
14. Outro

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